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Welcome to The New Normal, Ep #148

Welcome to the New Normal

When I’m about to shake someone’s hand, pat their back, or give them a hug, I stop short and say to myself: “Welcome to the new normal.” The COVID-19 crisis is new to all of us. The inability to shake hands, social distancing, the necessity of wearing face masks—it’s all new. But the phrase “The…

3 Decisions That Could RUIN Your Retirement Plan, Ep #147

Retirement Plan

Do you have a plan for retirement? Or are you just living life and allowing the everyday busyness to drown out thoughts about your future? I firmly believe you need to have a retirement plan in place. In this episode of Best in Wealth, I will explain why. I talk about 3 decisions that can…

4 Steps to WIN with Money in Your Marriage, Ep #145

Win with money

Do you and your spouse fight frequently about money? Are you on completely different pages when it comes to spending money? Do you feel like you are being heard? You should start the conversation now by having regular meetings with your spouse to discuss your financial plan. If you are ready to win with money…

Credit Scores 101: Everything You Should Know, Ep #144

Credit Score 101

This episode of the Best in Wealth podcast is a crash course: Credit Scores 101. I answer some of the questions you may have: What is a FICO score? Why do you want a good credit score? How do you improve your credit score? When should you consider closing a credit card? I break your…